destination wedding photographer

Mani Sharma is one of the Best Wedding Photographer in Noida. We are also providing our services for Destination Weddings within India and abroad. Mani Sharma Photografy was started by Mani Sharma in 2014. Photography started as a hobby, now defines how he lives his life today. A software engineer found his calling in capturing moments. He took up Candid Wedding Photography because he thought it is the best way to experience and explore new places, meeting people, making friends, lots of yummy food, loads of laughter and conversation. Besides being a passion, there was another good reason he decided to get behind the camera… it was to get away from being in the front! As ironic as it may sound, he’s always been camera shy himself.

Mani Sharma is a self taught professional. Currently, Mani Sharma Photografy (Best Candid Wedding photographer in Delhi) is a team of energetic young professionals who form the core Cinematography and Photography Teams. For us the first entrance shot till the last moment of vidai are of equal importance because they will be closest to you, even when the years pass.

Our photography style is Candid Photography but with a creative touch to it. Wedding can be best enjoyed by all when its flow does not get interrupted by anyone, hence you will find Mani Sharma(Candid & Destination Wedding photographer in Delhi) waiting patiently for a moment to occur, else then staging or demanding a silly pose from Wedding Couple. We love to mix candid shots with fun shots. We love to shoot everything that happens in an around a wedding, be it the behind the scene coverage of the bride’s makeup, the family drama, the pranks, the hidden glances or public display of love and all the dance and drama. We just love it all. In India, they have a saying that it’s not the couple who are getting married but it is the families who are getting united.